Posted on Jun 26, 2008
Posted in Kids

Meet M & M (no, I’m not trying to be funny!-:), kids we met at our Portraits at the Ponds event at the Silver Spoon Children’s boutique in Granite Bay. Miss M is only two years old but acted liked she was five! I’ve never seen a two-year old take direction so well and know exactly what to do in relation to the camera. She was a pure natural! Big brother wasn’t officially scheduled for the session, but he tagged along and decided that he needed to test out his skills in front of the camera as well….must run in the family! You’ll notice the sign in the background on the last images that says “Hawks.” For those of you who don’t know, this is a very nice restaurant in Granite Bay, and it just happens to be owned by Miss M’s aunt and grandpa. Even better, her last name is Hawks, too! We thought it would be too cool to have the sign in the background for some of her portraits…so did they!