Posted on Feb 14, 2010

As many of you know, we held our first annual Vintage Valentine portrait event at the Silver Spoon children’s boutique a few weeks ago.  As this was our first go at this particular “theme” if you will, we had no idea how it would go, especially given that they were 15 minute mini-sessions.  Much to our delight, we had an overwhelming response, completely filled every available spot and then some, and the images turned out–magical.  We provided tutus, pettiskirts, tanks, and hair accessories for the girls (and thanks to the Silver Spoon for adding to the selection, as well as our talented friend who provided the amazing hand-made flower headbands-you can find her one-of-a-kind pieces on her Etsy store, Wrapped in Clover), but the boys were on their own this time around, with some suggestions to guide their choices.  As you can see from these examples, the boys looked adorable, too!  I wish we could post everything, including all of the delicious Valentine cards and custom montages people ordered, because they were all just too cute for words!  This event was such a fun experience for us and everyone who came out, that I’m sure this will not be the last…we’re already thinking of next year’s Valentine event.  We’ve chosen a few faves to post here, but it was painful to only show a sampling; if we had posted everything I wanted to, it would have pretty much been every image from every session!  Happy Valentine’s Day!_MG_7958flatcrop copy_2 _MG_7453flatcrop copy _MG_8127 copy_2 _MG_8149 copy _MG_8234_2 IMG_7664_2 _MG_7888 copy_2 IMG_1541flat copy_2 IMG_7918 copy_2 IMG_8663flatcrop copy
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  • Lindsey Li Pera

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Where do people get these tutus and accessories?

  • How do you choose one favorite?? The photos are amazing! Such cute kids. You did a great job. Love to all, Grams

  • crystal rioux

    Totally adorable! Wish we would have made it out there with Hannah :o(

  • What can I say??? Every one of these photos are beautiful! Good job… and way to go Stef…. James is blessed to have you.

    Love to you both on jobs well done.. you made a lot of mommies and daddies quite happy.

  • Heather B. Zander

    Wow, these are such beautiful photographs. You really captured the essense of each child in such an angelic way. They are such unique images…truly enchanted! We will definitely be attending this event next year!