Posted on Apr 05, 2008
Posted in Personal

My mom came up from San Diego last week to visit for a few days. I love it when she visits, the house just seems warmer and more cheery when she’s here. Sorry to break it to you mom, but a few days is just not enough. We are all very sad now…you must stay longer next time.

Here are some of the highlights Reilly and Teagan have been reminding me of since she left…

“But dad…Grandma reads us THREE books every night!!”

“Dad…you HAVE to color with us…GRANDMA did…”

“Dad, do you want to watch Enchanted?”

Other highlights:

Grandma met her match in Uno with Reilly, we watched the movie ‘Enchanted’ two three four times while she was here, an awesome game of whiffle ball on the driveway, watching Carrie Underwood videos on GRANDMA’S ipod, and some lovely meals.

Thanks for coming mom, we really appreciate your time here!

Love, Stef, Reilly, Teagan & me.