Posted on Jan 04, 2010

When we met Krista for her portrait design consultation and discussed what type of portraits she was hoping for, she suggested we photograph her young family at her mother’s property.  After she began explaining the acres of vineyard and orchards where a few years ago she and her husband got married, we were super excited!  Not only do we love venturing out to new places, it’s also a treat to photograph a family at a place that’s special to them.  When James and I arrived at the location, we were overwhelmed with the litany of awesome places to photograph the Fenske’s.  It was especially fun following the kids around and watching them explore their own private wonderland.  Meet the fun Fenske family!IMG_0553flatcrop copy_2 IMG_0639flatcrop copy IMG_0669flatcrop copy_2 IMG_0770flatcrop copy_2 IMG_0773flatcrop copy IMG_0805 5x7 copy IMG_0906flatcro0p copy_2