Posted on Feb 19, 2012
Posted in Seniors

Meet Breanna, class of 2012.  This was a rather interesting session in that it was our first near injury caused by wardrobe.  Seniors take note, when borrowing shoes for your senior portraits, make sure they are not two sizes smaller than yours…

Those lovely boots Breanna brought were, well, a bit snug.  We got to the alley, and in a very short time I noticed her face was a bit pale and she had to sit down.  I looked down at the tight leather on her calves and said “We’ve got to get these boots off!”  Two minutes later all was well, the color came back to Breanna’s face and…I got the shot!!

Despite this slight distraction, she really brought it to the session, wonderful expressions and acted like she had been shooting for years.  Thank you Breanna for your your willingness to experiment and all your efforts.

Some faves.

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