Posted on Jul 27, 2008
Posted in Babies

You might remember Miss E’s gorgeous mom & dad from their maternity portraits that were posted a while back here. Well, fast forward a couple of months and beautiful baby E is here! I have to point out that E was only about 5 days old in these portraits, but you’d never know it because she weighed 9 pounds when she was born (even more shocking is how tiny her mom is)! E’s mom and dad, who also happen to be very good friends of ours, had to rush to get her newborn portraits done as dad had to head back to work in Arizona where the family is now living (we’re so sad!!). It was so bittersweet for us to take these precious photographs because we knew it was the last we’d be seeing of baby E and her parents for a while. Please come back to visit us soon….we miss you guys!!

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