Posted on Jun 28, 2009
Posted in Babies

Meet beautiful baby B, the gorgeous little girl we started photographing when she was still in mama’s tummy (see the Zander maternity post). She was just shy of 2 weeks when we photographed her, and she was still so teeny tiny! We love getting newborns this small, because we’re able to do things we wouldn’t be able to do when they’re bigger and awake! The first image here is a prime example–I’ve been dying to photograph a baby on our column, but they’re usually too long and squirmy. I was determined to get her on that column, and so glad we did (she proceeded to pee all over it 2 seconds after this was taken!). Mom and Dad liked this image so much it was used on her birth announcement as well as a framed print for her nursery. Just a beautiful baby girl (and mom and dad aren’t too shabby either!)…can’t wait to see her for her next Bebe session in the fall!