Posted on Mar 01, 2010
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The Anast’s are just those kind of people who you can’t help but have a great time around.  We met them a few years ago when little brother was just a baby, so it was fun getting to see them again and this time, at their gorgeous property in Loomis.  When we first talked about the possibility of doing their session at their home and I asked N about what the property was like, she said it really didn’t have much on it but this falling down old tree.  We were super excited when we heard that, and of course she thought we were nuts but took our advice anyway and went forward with having their family portraits made at their place.  As you can see, the falling down old tree was awesome!  We had so much fun just following the kids around the property, letting them run free and explore.  We did sneak a few of mom & dad in, and the one shown here was our absolute favorite of them!  This lovely family is a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be doing what we love; they invited us back as a family a few weeks later for dinner…what a blessing to become friends and be invited into the homes of those we are so fortunate to photograph.  Thank you Anast’s for everything!IMG_6611flatcrop copy_2 IMG_6700aflatcrop copy IMG_6691 5x7 copy_2 _MG_7499flatcrop copy_2 _MG_7459flatcrop copy_2 _MG_7430flatcrop copy_2

  • what a beautiful family!! You did a great job as always. I loved the setting. Love to all, Grams

  • These photos are simply amazing…they capture what a fun and gorgeous family the Anast’s are. The setting is perfect and the portraits are timeless.

  • Oh my 🙂 These are gorgeous! The first pic is my fav… the “aubergine” colors in the rustic setting. Bellissimo 🙂

  • kristi bennewitz

    simply stunning… what a gorgeous family, and i love the tree! the photo of the little ones running with the sun behind them is beautiful…

  • Gorgeous! Great way to celebrate the family & home!

  • LaRee Florence

    Wow! What a GORGEOUS family! These look beautiful. You’ll never regret capturing this amazing moment of your family. My fav is the one of the kids with sun behind them.

  • Vicki Barakos

    Love the pictures … naturally and capture the beauty of their family (inside and out)!!

  • Erin Hill Goldie

    What beautiful photos, and of course gorgeous family! You chose the perfect time of day, clearly, to have the sunlight filtering through, from BEHIND your subjects, great work! Thanks for sharing them!

  • These pictures brought tears to my eyes, the kids are getting so big! What a gorgeous family.. <3

  • Christine Forbes

    Enchanted Images you have done it again! What beautiful family portrait. You captured the magic of this wonderful family. Everyone looked so relaxed and happy. Enchanted Images really brought out the warmth and love of all these personalities. I can’t help but think the idea of being on their own property showed a great life style and comfort. Makes me want to go visit the Anast’s.

  • Pam & Ron Bledsoe

    Oh My Heavens! What beautiful pictures. Everyone looks like the are really enjoying taking pictures. Who knew that old tree would looks so good. Love, Pam & Ron

  • Love these people! Beautiful pictures. Niki, you are a hot mama!!

  • Vicki Barakos

    Great pictures — love the setting — love the “subject matter”!!

  • Pam & Ron Bledsoe

    Oh My Heavens! What Great Pictures! It looks like everyone is having a great time taking these pictures. Who knew that old tree could look so good! Love, Pam & Ron

  • Niki: THese are gorgeous! I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing up. Keep the tree!

  • These pictures of the Anast Family are incredible, but you have such beautiful subjects, how can you ago wrong. THank you for sharing the pictures with us …we are honored to be a part of this.

  • love seeing you all from so far away…love to all of you…valarie and family

  • Lex Macciocchi

    I love the photos of the Anast family!!!!! You do such beauitful work.

  • the Anast family looks, great!

  • Barney Forbes

    Wow, what fantastic portraits of the most beautiful family besides mine! You folks did a great job of capturing all of the beauty of the Anast family at their family home. But to be honest, you had perfect subjects to start with!
    Great job!

  • Kathi Finnerty

    Such a beautiful family. Love the pix. Great use of light!
    p.s. Nice rocks!

  • Courtney Family

    The pictures are fantastic!! What an amazing family…we might have to have them over to our neck of the woods! Love Juli and Chad

  • What great photos. The Anast’s look fantastic and the natural setting is a home run. Great work.

  • Deanna Latendresse

    I love, love, love your photos! The setting is perfectly matched with the aubergine colors you’ve chosen. My fav. is your first photo 🙂 Bellissimo!

  • What a great photo of all of you!!

  • Great looking family – the setting makes a big difference and the smiles are genuine.

  • Senior Sunset Care Faliclity-Loomis

    The photos of the family are wonderful. Niki you are looking OOLALA. We didn’t recognize George. He is looking so old. Hope the hard work on the farm is not getting to him. Maybe he just needs more sleep. 🙂

  • Stephanie Hoffman

    Your photos take my breath away! As always, you have a way of capturing everyone’s beauty and grace. I love the family photos but I have to say, George and Niki look fantastic together in the shot with them laughing. Just beautiful!!

  • Those are beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous family.

  • jana shepherd

    These photos are amazing, of course it helps when you’re photographing beautiful people!

  • What a setting for these fabulous pictures that capture the warmth and joy of this beautiful family!Favorites—-loved them all!!

  • Molly Natsues

    wow – can’t decide whether it is the photography or the beautiful people in these photos

  • Of course, they are one of my favorite families too! Just love the photos and the joy behind them. XOXO

  • Incredible pictures of an even more incredible family whom we adore 🙂