Posted on Mar 06, 2008
Posted in Kids

Meet the Allen girls, aka “Allen’s Angels.” This is an exclusive sneak-peek of what’s to come when we announce our first-ever Limited Edition event this spring, “Little Angels.” The Allen’s used to live 2 doors down from us (they moved all the way across town….5 minutes from here!). When they decided to bring their sweet girls to us, we couldn’t resist using them for models for our Angels event (more on that later, but you won’t see these wings except at the event each year). We couldn’t have asked for better models for these beautiful wings, and mom & dad loved the angel images, too. Miss L & Miss A were so agreeable and let us do anything we wanted (hence, the fluffy white hat, too!). What can we say? We can’t resist using cute kids to try out our stuff when they are up for it! Oh yeah, mom & dad weren’t too shabby, etiher! 🙂