Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Posted in Personal

Teagan and I took a walk today while Stef was out running errands. Clouds had rolled in and things began to look a bit…different.

We got a few blocks away and noticed we hadn’t seen a car since we left. Things were strangely quiet. No birds chirping, no dogs barking, and no people anywhere. Teagan however seemed unaware of the silence and was fixated on a striped cat sitting in front of a house. She waved and called to it but the cat did not move.

“Teagan, let’s go” I said and started walking. Only she wasn’t following. She wasn’t moving. Just standing there frozen with a blank stare at the cat.

“Teagan! We need to go NOW!” It was then I saw several other cats appear all moving towards us.

That was it. I grabbed miss T and ran. As I was huffing around corners, more cats were arriving. They seemed to be everywhere but I kept running. As I rounded the corner to the driveway I stopped dead in my tracks. Must have been fifty cats sitting there just staring at us, including the striped one we saw earlier.

“Put me down daddy, I need to talk to my friends” Teagan calmly said. I gently let her down and she walked slowly to the group. She said a few things in a soft voice then looked up. “We can go in now daddy” she said. Teagan took my hand and we went inside, locked the door and sat down. “Can we go for another walk?” she said.

Happy Halloween!