Posted on Jul 09, 2008
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More from our 1.5 days in the city. We decided to to a few ‘touristy’ things…(you know…for the kids and all…)and checked out the Fisherman’s Wharf area. A puppet store, ice cream stands, novelty stores and a carousel rounded off our visit to tourist central. Whew! I think the girls and I had more fun horsing around outside Cost Plus while Stef was sleeping getting ready.

Reilly was thrilled to get some of SF’s finest clam chowder and shrimp, Teagan was thrilled to…be Teagan.

Stef and I were just thrilled to be somewhere under 100 degrees!

My favorite photo of the carousel.

Stef took this photo of some hot guy…

Stef hard at work.

Yes, we went to Nanking (of course!)

You can almost hear this one happening. “Teagan! Take that

hood off right now! Mom’s going to be mad!”

Miss T was not amused..

Love this one. Ice cream gets everyone in their own world.