Posted on Aug 02, 2010
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Eight years ago today our oldest, Reilly Elizabeth, was born.  Reilly was always anxious for what was coming next, as she landed me on bedrest at 26 weeks! Eight years later, nothing has changed.  Reilly has been such a great kid; she’s super smart, a talented gymnast, and much to our pleasure, a total foodie!  She has added so much joy to our lives, and even though it doesn’t always show, to her little sister’s as well! 🙂  We are in the midst of her self-imposed 3-day long birthday celebration, so I must run to continue the festivities.  Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!

  • She is beautiful!!!

    Happy Birthday to you Reilly!!!
    We love you!!

  • I sure hope she went to see Despicable Me like she wanted to!! Auntie Coley told her to tell you she could do what ever she wanted on her big day 😀